Kingsley Brown {K Brown} Comedian Biography

K Brown

Kingsley Brown, also known as K Brown is Nigerian-born comedian, actor, singer and online content creator, known for his role in Mark Angel’s Comedy skirts on YouTube. K Brown is creative, intelligent and a versatile comedian who usually plays the role of aunty Success’s father in their various episode.

Kingsley Brown {K Brown} Comedian Biography

He is one of the best cast in the Mark Angel Comedy and also fans favorite. The intelligence he applies in carrying out his role is indeed what makes him different and unique among his crew. A lot of his fans are searching the internet trying to know more about his personal life.

K Brown is of an Igbo decent young Man, but his date of birth, and place of birth are not yet known anyone. His educational background is also not available. He is known to feature on Mark Angel Comedy Series, short videos on YouTube which come up every Friday.

K Brown’s Career

K Brown began his Online comedy series with Mark Angel Comedy where he acts as Emmanuella’s uncle. He was shot to fame and global recognition after his online comedies with the Nigerian teenage comediennes, Emmanuella Samuel, Aunty Success which went viral.

K Brown is known to be an amazing in creativity, skillful and talented engaging in witty, wise and heartfelt comedy, indeed hilarious with his comedy skit and receiving huge trending on YouTube and earning fabulous amount of money monthly from the YouTube Channel “Mark Angel Comedy”.

He has large followers on his social media handle and the business of comedy has equally afforded him the opportunities to travel round various countries of the world alongside Emmanuella and Mark Angel.

His Personal Life

K Brown is not yet married as of 2021, and nothing much is known about his relationship as he keeps his family affairs top secret from the public and social media.

K Brown’s Net Worth

K Brown is one of the richest and most influential Nigerian comedians with an estimated net worth of about $200,000 dollars. A million thanks for your time, reading about K Brown biography and net worth. Your comments below will also be appreciated.


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